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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 31, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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still more than 1,000 miles from ocean city, turning in the caribbean, the category 4 storm is causing concern up and down the eastern seaboard. storm conditions could begin within 48 hours. even if it does not come ashore, it is expected to bring drenching rain, dangerous seas, and surf, and gusting wind. earlier today, governor martin o'malley sat down with management officials about what to expect. federal emergency management officials also laid out their plans. >> we have a little bit more time, not much more time. but we expect we could still see a rip currents, very dangerous surf, beach erosion, and low- lying roads being impacted. if it tracks further to the west, i again, we may see it
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evacuation's, particularly in the coastal communities and some of the areas that would be most reliable. >> for the latest on earl's track, let's talk with our meteorologist. >> it is still a very powerful category 4 storm. it looks like it will be avoided direct hit to the bahamas. this thing continues to bear down on the south atlantic coast with an eye on the cat -- on the cape hatteras area. hurricane watches are up from the virginia-north carolina border. here is the radar monitoring the progress. heavy rain is getting to the outer banks. the center of the storm is simply to the south and east of ocean city where high winds and rough surf and a showery weather is expected. if it takes a turn to the east,
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we will avoid some tougher whether. >> we will check back with you in a couple of minutes. in addition, you can follow in a hurricane at we also want to let you know, starting tomorrow, we will have live coverage from ocean city as maryland gets ready for earl. after more than seven years of war, president barack obama made the end to the u.s. combat in iraq officials today. obama was quick to point out that this was not a victory speech. >> the president's speech from the oval office last about 15 minutes. thousands watch as he made the monumental announcement, including those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the years since the war began. >> operation iraqi freedom is over. >> as the president made the
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formal announcement, hundreds of hundreds -- hundreds of thousands of homeless and intently, including rosemarie in baltimore. >> i will probably cry tonight. they will be tears of joy and tears of sadness. >> her son was killed october 15, 2005. he had been there for two months when his hummer was hit by an 18-wheeler and exploded. >> i do not want any parent or any family to have to endure the hurt that i have. it is like it happened yesterday. >> the president focused great deal on what still needs to be done in iraq and afghanistan. 50,000 troops will stay in iraq until the end of 2011. >> advising and assisting the iraqi security forces, supporting iraqi troops in counter-terrorism
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missions. >> rose marie said that she would feel better if it was more of a clea andn break. >> the responsibility that we felt that we had to help them meant, no. do i think my son died in vain? no. he died for a purpose. they are all heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. my son died a hero and that is all i can say. >> two other soldiers died in that accident with her son. >> the centralist -- the sexual assault of a 83-year-old woman in her own home has had police
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and neighbors on high alert. it happened on country club drive early yesterday morning in glen burnie. police believe that he was looking to rob her. for whatever reason, he sexually assaulted her before leaving. some neighbors are understandably shocked. others say they are not really surprised at this kind of crime. >> it is terrifying. it is absolutely terrifying. it is a nice neighborhood. i do not know what to think. >> i feel that the security in the neighborhood is not as it used to be when i moved in here 15 year ago. it was a lot better off than it is today. that is for sure could crush what police search for the suspect, they remind members to keep their doors and windows locked. there is anyone with -- they remind neighbors to keep their doors and windows locked. also, anyone with arab nation is asked to call the police. -- anyone with information is asked to call the police.
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an analyst -- police responded to a double shooting in the 7900 block of the ballpark court. two men shot each other. they are expected to survive. just after midnight, the 144th murder of the year was recorded in baltimore city. that is three less than what the city had this time last year. it happened on the 4100 block of paris avenue. a man was shot several times in his chest and back. it -- for 100 block of harris avenue. amann was shot several times in his chest and back. a major setback for the defense -- a judge ruled that the security guard who identified gary collins can testify. germain rate told police he recognized collins's the distinct walk and recognize the
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other suspect from a prior arrest. defense argued that the jury should be allowed to make it termination after watching the video. but that motion was denied. . we have some late breaking news to tell you about. baltimore city police have made an arrest in a drowning at the harbor two years ago. he was last seen walking with friends in august 2008. his body was discovered hours later in the water just off light street. 20-year-old wayne black has been arrested and charged with the apostate -- charged with gupta's murder. the fraternal order of police and fire fighters union display solidarity today in the pride they have in protecting the citizens of baltimore. many stood underneath of their billboard reminding baltimore
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they will continue to serve and protect despite their legal battle with city hall. >> it is another reminder to city hall that, despite the city turning their back on police and fire as it relates to our pension benefits and are other benefits, we're not want to turn our back on the citizens that we're proud to serve. >> the union says that if the conference of mayors is brought to the city, they will rally outside the convention center. the i team has discovered new information on secured equipment used to protect the mayor's home could is not currently in his home, however. sheila dixon still has thousands of dollars worth of equipment owned by taxpayers at her house. the inspector general strike to figure out how to get it back. jayne miller broke it earlier today. >> it is one of the perks of the
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mayor's job, and extensive city- on camera surveillance system intended to keep watch on the mayor's personal home and property 24/7. the system was installed at sheila dixon's home in 2007. it includes 5 external cameras attached to the outside of her house. the cameras are connected to an interior monitoring system, allowing dixon to know what is going on outside of her house at all times. after dixon was forced from the mayor's job on february 4, the city police the car and began attempts to retrieve the security equipment. -- the police -- the city police department began a test retrieve gis security equipment. -- began attempts to retrieve the security equipment. the department has has turned
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over the dispute to the city's inspector general. dixon invoked martin o'malley is vain could he kept his camera system, she claims, until his northeast baltimore house sold. when the o'malley house sale happen, the cameras were gone. dixon says, "do you have nothing stories on shoe?rie the dixon" the cost is -- report stories on sheila dixon?" the cost is $20,000. >> the burleith campaign says it has raised more than 725,000 calls in 18 days. the campaign has 98% of donors from maryland. 41% of donors give money for the
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first time. officials gathered in front of the state house today to promote early voting in maryland. this is the first year for early voting. there will be 46 early voting centers available for the primary and general elections. >> we have a tendency to forget that the primary is as important as the general. early voting starts september 3. we urge everyone to get out and about coming to participate in this process. we want it to be a major success. you can find out -- >> you can find out much more on a lot of you are expected to hit the road this holiday weekend, unless earl becomes a problem. in florida, had a little fun with the earl. >> [unintelligible]
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>> find out one local military family, this house is so much more than just a home. >> they used to be considered hot properties in baltimore county. they are now headed to the auction block. >> hurricane earl is headed to the outer banks of north carolina. see if it will affect us on the labor day weekend. it is still pretty warm in baltimore. the wind has diminished to the wind has diminished to
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>> sailors are celebrating navy week. projects include a community rain garden on duncan street and a real food farm. baltimore navy week is one of 20 events produced by the community at great program. it was christmas and august for the barry family in and around gulf -- in and around all
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county -- in anna arundel county. the partnership for housing foundation changed their family forever. the renovated their home to fit denny's needs. >> it is a whole new world for him could we thought he might have to go to nrc -- to a nursing home or something. this will help to become more independent as an adult. >> he is certainly happy. danny's father michael was home on leave from iraq for today's ribbon-cutting ceremony. after two months of our nation's consumer confidence index dropping, it appears that things are turning around. it grew slightly between july and august, but still remains
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well below its level typically seen for a stable economy. he uptick means consumers' short term but look for the economy has changed. three major commercial properties had to the auction block in baltimore county, including the thousand commons on pennsylvania avenue. towsand comments onof common pennsylvania avenue. towsendan lounges e is a institution. >> the move a thick, restaurants, and bookstores
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thrive in the early 1990's. then it went through a renaissance. baltimore county director of economic development says that the recession stalled plans to overhaul towsend commons. the property is currently in foreclosure. >> it needs a lot of work and significant investment. we believe there is an opportunity for a much higher and development that would serve the broader towsend area. >> in the five years leading up to the recession, baltimore county added 16,000 new jobs. when the downturn started at the end of 2007, 12,000 jobs were lost. the area has borne its share of the brunt, including 540 employees laid off by the solo cup factory. the anchor space that formerly held a department store is slated for auction. >> the county is disappointed in
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the owings mills mall. they need to invest in that property. they need to take a fresh look in that community and realize the resources that are there now that were not there a few years ago. >> disposable income is still slowing in baltimore county. developers need to come up with the right product and revitalize properties. >> i have tried and failed. a nice hotel would be the only thing that would work there. >> the commercial vacancy rate here in baltimore county is just over 7%, just under the national average. >> as most of you are probably aware, the holiday weekend is quickly approaching. aaa expects to seek a jump in the number of people hitting a road compared to last year. but that total change depending on hurricane earl.
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officials fear it may drive down this year's estimated 9% spike in labor day travel. >the threat of hurricane earl has not stopped beachgoers. there were many at the daytona beach taking advantage of the strong wind and rough surf. hurricane earl is expected to be 800 miles southeast of daytona beach. this is not the kind of thing i would like to do in that rough surf. >> you have to weigh the fun and the craziness involved in that. the waves are great, but the rip currents are dangerous. let's check it out and see what is going on. we still have the hot and dry weather. you can feel the effects of hurricane earl late thursday going into friday. it will be mostly a coastal storm. it was 95 degrees today at bwi marshall. the record high was in the low
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100. we are just too away from tying the record at 54 90-degree days. that record may well go down in the next day or two or later in september. it is still near 80 degrees at ridgely. skies are still basically clear. other than some patchy fog in the coolest october 9, it will be clear and mild again. it is 65 degrees in the suburbs. sunrise tomorrow morning will be at 6:35 a.m. this will weaken a little bit over the next few days. it will produce hot and dry weather. that will be wednesday and thursday. thursday to friday, this fund is coming our way and that is good news. it might bring -- this front is coming our way and that is good news.
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that hopefully will steer that storm farther away from us. it could protect us from hurricane earl. tomorrow, it will be 91 degrees to 96 degrees again. hurricane watches are up across most of the carolina coastal areas. there are no storms or watches in virginia yet. the hurricane center will be monitoring this storm. you can see the eye of the storm coming and going as the cloud cover obscured it at times. it is moving in the direction of cape hatteras, which would be the first potential landfall area late thursday night. we pick up on that storm to are soft and you can see cape hatteras. it just barely brushes it late thursday night or in the early morning hours of friday. that is a powerful storm
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sitting near cape hatteras. if it continues north on that track, ocean city would be in trouble. but this could send it northeast away from the cape and into the atlantic. if it holds to that track, this front can come in here and push away, and ocean city could get by with just getting breast on the western edge of it appeared that track is not certain yet -- just getting brushed on the western edge of it. that track is not certain yet. >>
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>> dunites mega millions jackpot is $12 million -- tonight's mega million jackpot is $12 million. let's see if we can make you a millionaire. the first number is 20, followed by 29, 10, 48. the mega ball number is 38. the numbers are 20, 29, 10, 48 and 38. and 38. .
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or
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republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. >> the coral's introduced a buck showalter -- the board bills introduced buck showalter as their new manager. the orioles introduced buck showalter as their new manager. this is one of the six strikeouts for mattis. he struck out mike lowe looking. he could not believe it. look scott got his 26 home run
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of the year. it was a major blow to boston's already fragile post-season hopes. the ravens pulled the trigger on a trade. they acquired a former actor, john wilson. erp, josh wilson. wilson arrived in seattle for the second round pick out of maryland in 2007. his speed makes up for the loss of dominique foxworth. wilson will likely not play in the preseason finale on thursday in st. louis. the arrival of wilson puts more pressure on prince miller. now that the ravens have more depth, miller will need --
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when you do not have baseball locked up like an experienced veteran, your nfl career becomes a day-to-day thing, especially at this time of the year. >> we have a number of guys to do it, but probably not in this game. we will see a lot of prints in this game. it will be a great opportunity for prince to get out there. he is looking for a roster spot. i would be a great opportunity for him. >> terence qoba, no. 63, he is the second pick -- terence cody, no. 63, he is the second pick. he will likely return for the week to game against cincinnati. the ravens to not play home game until the last sunday of september. maryland and navy will have downtown hopping on labor day. the terps face navy, of the
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second time in 35 years. they now look like a worthy opponent, but a worthy rival. maybe the magic could become a tradition. >> i think it is -- maybe the matchup could be a tradition. >> i think it is good for maryland, for football in this state. whether we play it it in basketball or football, it would be a great rivalry and something that i would look forward to. >> terps and the navy on monday. >> terps and the navy on monday. stick around for
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>> hurricane earl is still coming to the outer banks of north carolina. it may not hit a baltimore. maybe friday. this could stay along the coast or further out to sea. highs will be in the upper 70's. if earl stays out to sea, labor day weekend could be really nice. >> thank you for joining us. if you missed any of this newscast are you want to see it again, we have a rebroadcast for you at midnight. good night.
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